John Furge, CPA, PC
John Furge, CPA, PC
901 Stonetrail Drive
Plano, TX 75023 (map)
Phone 972.881.1040
Fax 972.881.1094
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New Client Orientation

Services Offered

  • Financial statement preparation
  • Tax compliance
  • Tax controversy
  • Transaction planning
  • Choice of entity planning
  • Accounting systems analysis
  • Real estate consulting
  • Litigation support
  • Divorce tax consulting
  • Excel spreadsheet consulting
  • Escrow Agent function
  • QuickBooks consulting and installation

My Billing Rate

$150.00 per hour. This is applied to the number of hours used to complete the assignment we've agreed upon. Hours are tracked and billed in ¼ hour increments. (A 5-minute 1-question phone call is not worth recording. But three 5-minute calls are.)

Staff Billing Rate

Jan Behrens' time is billed @ $150.00 per hour.

Matt Behren's time is billed @ $80.00 per hour.

Admin Support time is billed @ $50.00 per hour.

Our Capacity

This is a four-person office. As the owner/manager, it is my preference to obligate our capacity to those who already have an understanding of what CPAs do.


Our main number is frequently on voice mail so we can complete our work. I have a cell phone (972) 740-4740 that has caller ID. I will answer calls to it if I'm currently involved in an assignment on your behalf. An overlooked alternative is to put your communiqué on paper and fax it. This works well.

John's e-mail is
Jan's e-mail is


You can expect my invoices to be detailed to the point where you can understand what we did & why. If you don't understand I expect you to call me immediately.

Payment of Invoices

Our invoices are due when you receive them. Of course, we all know you won't stop everything and pay the bill immediately. But I do expect a check to be written within the week. My hourly rate does not include the "time value of money". If I am to carry 30-day or greater money, then I need to be paid for being a financier. I reserve the right to switch your account to a retainer only account.